5 minute window quotes

The newest gimmick in the window industry?

You might not be saving as much time as you think.

You do the leg work.

Get our your measuring tape, and get ready for everyone’s favorite: homework.

You’ll measure your own windows and complete a printout before you call.

5 minute window quotes can’t account for structural damage.

If there’s rotting wood, you might be in for a surprise.

Your $400-per-window quote just turned into $800

5 minute window quotes leave no time for questions.

Installation concerns? Warranty details? This might have to wait until the salesman is in your home.

5 minute window quotes fall short for exploring options.

Color options? Glass configurations? You’re on your own to research your choices.

5 minute quotes just aren’t accurate.

There are too many variables for a quote in 5 minutes . . . especially over the phone. Avoid surprises. Get an accurate quote in person.